• Manipur Cycle Club Activities
  • Manipur Cycle Club Activities
  • Manipur Cycle Club Activities
  • Manipur Cycle Club Activities


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What Does The Critical Mass Means ?

What Does The Critical Mass Means ? 




It is hard to find many people of our State does not know anything what does actually the critical mass means. What's the benefit of it and much more? So, for the awareness of the people, "Critical Mass" means a gathering of cycling enthusiasts in a place, and then, have a ride in a city or town. Critical mass is held by the Manipur Cycle Club on the last Sunday of every month.

It is critical for the environment, for promoting cycling as alternative means of transport, for the cycling community to come together. It has no leaders; there is no Nationak group that licenses local rides. In every city where there is a critical mass, cyclists just picked a day time and started handing over fliers. You don't need anyone to authorize your ride. Just do it.

Critical mass like bike tours with hundreds of participants took place in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 1970s. But the first ride within the present wave took place on Friday, September 25, 1992 at 6 pm in San Francisco. At that time, the event was known as 'Commute Clot' and was composed of a couple of dozen cyclists who had received flyers from Market Street. Shortly after this, some participants in that ride went to a local bicycle shop for a screening of Ted White's documentary "Return Of The Scorcher", about bike culture overseas.

In that film, American Human Powers Vehicle and Pedi cab Designer George Bliss noted that, in China, both motorists and bicyclists had an "understood" method of negotiating intersections without signals. Traffic would queue up at these intersections until the backlog reached a "Critical Mass", at which point that mass would move through the intersection. This term from the footage of the movie, was applied to the name of the ride, and the name caught on, replacing "Commute Clot" by the time of the second event.



Manipur Cycle Club

Cycle for Health, Environment and Economy (CHEE). It was agreed to have “Cycle for Life”. We can still raise this on 9 April.

Imphal is known as a cycle city: healthy, friendly, gender and environment aware people actively contributing to locally sustainable economy and global development processes.


Members of MCC will work as agents of and models for social change fine tuning with the global processes and locally with the diversities and integrative natures of our culture, geography, preserving the hill-valley ecological relationships and affecting policy changes that ensures sustainable development for future generations. In all our endeavours, we will promote of cycle use as popular means of local transportation; grass root democratic processes by holding public debate and dialogue on peace and development issues; promote cycle for hobby, sports and adventures; network with voluntary associations of environment, health and economic conscious and responsible citizens in the state and outside for local, national, regional and global civil society movement for peaceful, healthy and environment friendly development; support entrepreneurship development in cycle business, manufacturing and fabrication through national and international collaborations, setting up cycle cooperatives and network of showrooms, repairs and maintenance centres by engaging unemployed youths gainfully and meaningfully; organize environment awareness campaigns and rallies for sustainable and environment friendly development; initiate lobby and advocacy activities, at all levels, for environment friendly public transport policies including incentives for government officials and employees for using cycle in daily works and subsidy on cycle price for public cycle users, and monitor and document environment pollution in the city in collaboration with state nodal agencies and scientific institutions; mobilize resources to meet set objectives of the society.

Economically conscious, aware and Healthy people across gender, sections of society, professions and communities adopt cycle for daily local transports in the Imphal city and urban areas of Manipur.

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Manipur Cycle Club
Jupiter Yambem Center
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